Detergent Development & Testing Solutions

  • Development

    Formulate new product

    1. Develop ideas into formulations
    2. Product development

    Reformulate existing product

    1. Margin optimisation
    2. Product optimisation

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  • Testing


    1. Performance evaluation testing on
      1. Laundry detergents (stain removal testing; top loader, front loader)
      2. Dish wash detergents (manual and auto)
      3. Hard surface cleaners
    2. Competitor analysis and benchmarking
    3. Assistance with claims support
    4. Test method development
    5. Chemical testing
    6. Teardown analysis
    7. Stain Removal Testing


    1. Stability testing

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  • Samples

    Sample preparation

    1. Preparation of small batches of formulated product

    Raw material distribution

    1. Distribution of raw material samples on behalf of suppliers

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  • Implementation


    1. Manufacture scale-up
    2. Formulation and manufacturing troubleshooting


    1. Quality control/assurance
    2. Troubleshooting
  • Expert Witness

    1. Competitor claims
    2. Testing reports for claims disputes in court
  • Project

    Dedicated Project Management Solution

    At D-Labs, we provide a complete project management service with a single point of supply. As your dedicated partner, we can help to ensure projects receive the full technical support required across each aspect of your product development chain.

    A key part of our project management, is the ability to work with, understand and manage the specific requirements of key stakeholders (marketing, manufacturing and management) to achieve seamless flow and implementation.