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Product Optimisation - The Key to Maximising Profits

Product Optimisation - The Key to Maximising Profits


When people think of product performance testing and analysis they generally think about competitive claims and quality.  In some cases these aspects of testing are considered solely the area of new product development, but nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Product performance testing and analysis is an excellent way to track your product’s market competition and compare how well your product meets the requirements of the target market.  For example, if you have a mid-priced laundry powder in supermarkets, it is competing against a host of other mid-priced products.  If your product is under delivering you may be missing out on sales because it is not meeting consumer expectations. 

On the other hand, if your product is over performing, you are giving consumers more performance than they need or expect and possibly missing out on profits.  By ensuring that your product meets the performance of key market players, you are targeting the market with an optimised formulation.  This is why competitor benchmarking is so important, to make sure you are walking the fine line between consumer satisfaction and maximum profitability.

This example applies to all products, because no matter which market you are targeting, there are several competitors trying to win the same business.  By making certain your products are optimised and targeted, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to win the business and remain profitable.

D-Labs is a product development and testing consultancy specialising in performance testing of detergents.  We test detergents compared to competitor products and help target formulations if your product is not specific for the target market.  We can also reformulate your products to meet performance targets with better margins. 

If you have never tested your products how can you be sure that they are right for their intended market?